Keynote speakers

Keynote speakers





Pedro Isaías  Prof. dr Universidade Aberta (Portuguese Open University) in Lisbon, Portugal, from 4th October 2016 he is the Professor of University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia

Prof. dr. hab. Nataliia Morze - Borys Grinchenko Kiev University, Ukraine, vice-rector

Vice Rector on IT, Chief of Department of Computer Science.

State expert of National ICT Program in Education, Elaboration of the National System of In-Service Teacher Training and School Heads Training according to ICT, Elaboration of the Teachers Technological  Standards on National Level, Senior Trainer of Word Intel program Teach to the future. Trainer of Microsoft program Cooperation learning. Elaboration of distance learning courses for teachers and students. Elaboration of State programme of computer science for professionals, high schools and universities. Elaboration of conception of implementation of computer science in education of Ukraine. Teachers trainer of computer science. Author of more than 150 publications, articles and monographes (70 books on e-learning, critical thinks, interactive methods, IT-teaching).

Antonio dos Reis, Professor, The Graal Institute, Portugal

The Graal Institute Director and scientific coordinator, teacher and consulting adviser in e-learning multimedia projects. Coordinator of research project Teacher´s skills for the school of the futures. Consulting adviser of the University for implement virtual classrooms. Consulting adviser of WeZupport, Sweden, for e-Campus global project. Move Nations Course, about 3D environments in education. Coordinator of post graduation course Pedagogic and didactic skills in e-learning and multimedia (2008/09). Coordinator of post graduation course in Pedagogic and didactic skills in e-learning, teacher at Azores University (2007/08). Teacher’s trainer of teacher trainers in Portuguese education Ministry. Distance learning platform, Webmaster and multimedia coordinator in 2006 ISEG UTL (Technical University Lisbon). Scientific Coordinator of pilot project The school of the future – Today. International conferences key speaker and conference chair at Azores – Online learning conference and Workshop 2008/2009. Education website coordinator at: More than 500 videos of conferences and pedagogic contents, e-round tables and debates. Youtube Contents channel: Moodle platform administrator:

Piet Kommers, Professor. Dr. University of Twente, the Netherlands, Professor Unesco

Associate Professor in the Faculty of Behavioral Sciences, Department of Media. His actual interest is media, learning and visual communication. From 1990 he is increasingly involved as partner and coordinator in European research projects based and continuous learning. His role in initiating higher education in Eastern Europe led to his UNESCO chair, followed by the award of honorary doctor by Capital Normal University in Beijing in 2000. Main recent functions: Committee Member for the Academy of Sciences; Communication and Organization, UT; Scientific Board Member for New Learning Projects. Ministry of Education, Singapore; Lector at Fontys University of Applied Sciences for the Integration of ICT in Education; Regular Visiting Professor for Human Factors in Multimodal Communication for the European PhD Academy IMPDET at Joen­suu University, Finland; Visiting Professor at the Institute of Educational Multimedia and Telematics; Univer­sity of Hokkaido, Sapporo, Japan; Member of the UNESCO Board Creative Media Interaction for a Better Future: Trends, Challenges and Priorities.

Franz Fainer - Dr. Kirchliche Pädagogische Hochschule in Graz (KPH Graz), Austria

Degree in theology and education in Graz (Magister artium) and Salzburg (PhD). Working as a teacher of education sciences and religious education at the Kirchliche Pädagogische Hochschule in Graz (KPH Graz). Author and editor of numerous works in religious education and didactic for various types of schools and education software. Reasearch focus: Inclusive education, Perception of heterogeneity, ICT in Education and Didactics, Networking of human sciences, Ethical bases.



Prof. Antonio dos Reis - The Graal Institute, Portugal

Prof. dr . Norbert Pachler - London University, United Kingdom

Prof. dr. hab. Nataliia Morze - Borys Grinchenko Kiev University, Ukraine, vice-rector

Prof. zw. dr hab. - Kazimierz Wenta - Koszalin Technical University, Poland