Conference background

The topicality and the conceptual principles of modernization of education, reform of educational system the priorities of conference be definite in many European states, between different in Poland as well as the national tenet of development of Poland in XXI age. Settlement in access all citizens' chances to knowledge is in present European Union one of main educational aims and the education without regard on sex, the financial level, physical efficiency, place of residence. it was distance education on it was considered was as preference form of teaching at present; was her wide introduction can favorably influence on achievement of waited educational aims in scale every state.

The department of Ethnology and the manyyears', rich experience has in range the Sciences about Education of Silesian University the initiation the given form of teaching on all directions of studies. It functions favourably and the platform of distance education, portal develops educational Erudite person. The performance is on forum of experience the aim of conference in range the e - the workers' learning and the students of department and the university how introduction also from national the and foreign experience, relating the education on distance.

The thematic area of conference hugs following sections:

  • Theoretical - methodical and practical aspects of distance education.
  • The "good” examples of e - learning in country and for border.
  •  The distance education of humanistic subjects.
  • The distance education of natural - mathematical disciplines.
  •  E - learning in education handicapped persons.
  • Multimedia in distance education.
  • Informatics teacher training on distance education.
  • The distance education and Lifelong Learning.
  • Systems of the distance education.

The conference organised in framework International educational project "E-learning as a road for communcating in the intercultural environment", supported by International Visegrad Foundation (

University of Silesia, PL - Coordinator


University of Ostrava, CZ

Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica, SK